About Me

Rohan  (Source : Urban Dictionary)
The ideal man. A man that has boyish good looks, a nice tush, and intelligence. He has the magical ability to put a smile on your face when you’re down. His smile is so bright, he’s always blingin.
Word Usage :

Damn I need to find myself a rohan.

I wish I could be a rohan.

I think I found my rohan.

What should I say more  😀

My first bike was a TVS Fiero in Class 11th and since than I have riding and driving all over. Covered few roads all through college and later switched over to Yamaha RX 100 for few years during my 1st job in Mysore and Chandigarh.

Moved on to Ford Figo ever since and still riding the beast for 6+ years now. A great machine. Been to Leh Ladakh, Spiti Valley on this beast and it amazes all the while. He has it all.

Ride Enfield occasionally , but cherish the ride whenever I do. Sweet ride.

Covered few places, seen few sunsets. A lot to see, a lot to ride. 🙂


Other things that I like doing

  • Marketing
  • Equity Research


A novice writer.