Honda WRV- A great car , but what turned me off

A great car, will be a great off roader trusting on Honda’s reputation (engine) and been driving City for the past 8 years.

Ground clearance is good, rod behind the front grill, which helps protect you in case of head on.

Visible distance between the front grill and the engine, saves your engine in case of a mild head on. Another positive.

Sun roof great edition to accessories, perfect for places I go to.

Boot space, I felt it was enough.

Leg space,comfortable for tall people as well.

With 3 people at the backseat it won’t be crowded, people fighting for space won’t be the case.


What turned me off.


Interiors. The Dashboard and the seats. It was the dashboard primarily. This the only thing that I don’t like about this.

I spend most of my time inside the car, the trips, the traffic. It got to be better than this. It did not excite me.



I tried 2 version of Petrol WRV. Tried the top end as well

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