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It was an impromptu trip. I had to meet few people in Rajasthan, Mount Abu and it so just happened. Next thing I knew, we were planning of, when to  leave, where to stay. Mount Abu is 780- 790 kms from Noida and Ford Figo has always been our vehicle of choice. Having done several trips together, it’s our friend on the road. We did not have days at our luxury, so it had to be quick, so without giving the plan much thought we left on our Road Trip to Mount Abu.

Day 1:

We started from Noida in the morning at 7 am in our favourite vehicle, Ford Figo.  We knew it was good to leave early as it was a weekday and soon roads leading to Gurgaon will be jammed with office goers.

We restricted our stops to minimum as we were aware we had to cover a lot of distance.

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But we had to stop for Sunsets like these!!

After driving for more than 13 hrs we decided it was time to halt for our night stay. We stayed at Pali, Mount Abu was still 180 kms from here. So we had covered about 600 kms since morning.

Pali, a place of historical importance is also the birth place of Maharana Pratap and lies in the Mewar region of Rajasthan.

Places of Interest in Pali :

Somnath Mandir

Bangur Museum

Baoris or Stairwells


Day 2

Mount Abu is 185 kms from Pali and as the roads are good, we were expecting that we will reach in 3 hrs from Pali. Had our breakfast at one of the dhabas in Pali and started our road trip to Mount Abu.

Roads are good in Rajasthan but with multiple tolls. We almost paid the same amount as Toll as the number of kilometres that we covered. Not heavy flow of vehicles , so the movement was smooth. Abu Road, which is 35 kms before Mount Abu is from where the curvy mountainous road starts.

Places of Interest in Mount Abu

Nakki Lake

Rajasthan Tours- JustWravel


Dilwara Temple


Guru Shikhar which is the highest point of Rajasthan

Rajasthan Tours- JustWravel

Peace Park

Trevor’s Tank

Sunset Point


We saw  most of the places that Mount Abu had to offer. Most of the places will be a little crowded as for the Gujarati Tourists. Gujarat border is hardly 40 – 50 kilometres from mount Abu.

And we continued our journey.

Keep Wraveling.!

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