Road Trip To Meghalaya

Road Trip to Assam and Meghalaya

Day 1: New Jalpai Guri to GUwahati

Day 2: Guwahati to Shillong

Day 3: Shillong to Dawki to

Day 4: to Cherrapunjee

Day 5: Cherrapunjee via Shillong to Guwahati

Day 6: Guwahati to NJP


I had planned a road trip to Meghalaya with a friend a while back.

It was a 7-day plan which began from NJP( New Jalpaiguri) To Gangtok, Shillong and covering various other locations in Meghalaya.

Day 1:

We started our trip on a Renault Duster from NJP by about 10 in the morning. We had charted the route map but were a little skeptical about the route and roads in the North Eastern States.

It was a 8-9 hours journey from Jailpaiguri to Gangtok, which was our 1st night stay. We had ro cross the mighty Brahmaputra before entering Gangtok.

Gangtok is situated in the banks of the river and

We had not done any previous booking in any of the location so we had to search for hotels for a while and finally narrowed it down to few.


Day 2:

This is when our road to Meghalaya started.Shillong is not very far from Gangtok and takes about 4 5 hours to reach the city.  A densely popullated town , and if you are stuck in jam for hours, do not complain. Roads are narrow and being densely populated there are people and buildings all around. It gives you the feel of North Himalayan hill stations like MUssoorrie, Shimla , Nainital. But once once you are in the outskirts the feel is totally different. Thats when you enjoy the hill station, green landscapes, forest land , homestays.  

Best way to enjoy Shillong is to live far away from the town and use the local commute (taxis) to travel from one point to another.


Day 3:

We started our journey early in the morning for Mawloyaang and Dawki. We didn’t book anything but we were planning to stay in Mawaloyyang.Roads are smooth in this state, you will hardly find any potholes and a very clean state.Having driven in several locations in North, driving in Meghalaya was a different experience. Sometimes you are driving through the clouds, and it rains frequently. So always be prepared for the same, you will rarely find a local without an umbrella.

Our route plan for the day was Shillong- Dawki- Mawaloyyang.







Dawki is famously known for clear water of Ungmot river, boat ride and Bangladesh border. It is the last town on the Indian side of the border.

Found a great local individual who showed us the town Mawaloyyang, took us to root bridge and finally arranged for an homestay.


Day 4:


Mawloyyang- Cherrapunjee


Day 5


Cherapunjee local—Stay


Day 6


Cherapunjee – Shillong- Guwahati



Day 7


Guwahati to NJP



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Road Trip in a Duster

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